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Washtenaw Literacy tutors adults in reading, writing and English as a Second Language (ESL). We also help employers, health care providers, and human service agencies communicate more effectively with their employees, patients, and clients.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Has Washtenaw Literacy's programming been affected by concerns over COVID-19?

Answer: Yes.  In order to keep our learners and tutors safe, all in-person tutoring is SUSPENDED through June 30.  Check our COVID-19 Update page for more details.  If interested, you may still be eligible for a tutor who will work with you over the phone or by computer.

Question: How can I get help to improve my reading, writing, math or English?

Answer: You can study on your own, take a class or find a tutor.  Washtenaw Literacy offers free tutoring.  The tutor will help you improve your reading, writing, math or English.  Tutoring is one-on-one or in small groups.  If you want a class or need more help, we can give you information.

Question: How can I get a tutor quickly?

Answer: You can meet with a tutor this week at one of our open tutoring groups.  There are many tutors at open tutoring.  You may work one-on-one or you may work with 3-4 other learners.  It varies from week to week and group to group.  Open tutoring is the best way to start working with a tutor quickly.  You can call (734-337-3338) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) our office for an open tutoring schedule.  The open tutoring schedule is also on our website here.

Question: How can I get a one-on-one tutor?

Answer: One-on-one is a type of tutoring. Learners who need help with reading and writing are likely to receive one-on-one.  Learners who need English Language learning are likely to be placed in clusters of 3-4 learners to one tutor.  If you are interested in one-on-one, you must make an appointment for an orientation.  Call (734-337-3338) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) our office and we will schedule an appointment for you.  At the appointment, we will ask questions about your goals.  We will also learn about your needs.  This information helps determine the best learning situation for you.  At the end of your appointment, we can tell you if you have qualified.

Question: How long will I wait for a tutor?

Answer: If you go to open tutoring, you will meet with a tutor immediately.  If you want a personal tutor (one-on-one), there will be a wait.  You will wait 3 weeks or maybe you will wait 4 months.  It depends on how many people registered ahead of you.  At your appointment, we will give you an estimate for your wait.

Question: What will I work on with my tutor?

Answer: Your tutor will help you improve your skills.  You will work on materials that are interesting to you.  All tutoring is planned to help you meet your goals.  You can even bring things to tutoring that you want to read.  The tutor is there to help you meet your goals so always tell them what you want and need.

Question: How long will it take to reach my goals?

Answer: Some learners reach their goals very quickly.  For some learners, it takes years.  It depends on your situation.  Are you close to your goals?  Do you still have many things to learn?  If you are never absent, you will improve more quickly.  If you practice at home, you will improve more quickly.  It all depends on you!

Question: Where do I meet my tutor?

Answer: Open tutoring meets at the same time and place every week.  You can meet a tutor there.  For personal tutoring (one-on-one), you will meet at a place and time that is easy for you.  You and your tutor will decide the best place and time together.

Question: How often do I meet my tutor?

Answer: You will meet with your tutor once a week for about 2 hours.

Question: What if I have to cancel a tutoring appointment?

Answer: Everyone has emergencies.  You can cancel or reschedule an appointment by calling your tutor.  You must let your tutor know if you will miss an appointment.  If you cancel often or if you don’t call your tutor, your tutor will be assigned to another learner.