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(March 1, 2018) – Washtenaw Literacy, a non-profit organization devoted to eradicating adult illiteracy, held its annual Power Tutoring event in February.  Participants enjoyed networking and sharing ideas about tutoring programs. Ninety people from around the state came together to share this experience which included a variety of learning activities including special workshops and panel discussions.

The event is planned and implemented by a group of mentors: dedicated and experienced Washtenaw Literacy volunteers. “It’s very energizing and motivating to see so many people passionate about eliminating illiteracy,” says Alison Austin, a Washtenaw Literacy staff member and organizer of the Power Tutoring event.

Amy Goodman, Washtenaw Literacy’s Executive Director, notes: “Power Tutoring has become a key component of our fight against illiteracy.  While the focus of this event is on individuals, there are also ways for corporations and businesses to get involved.”  Washtenaw Literacy offers brown bag lunch presentations, the ABCs of Washtenaw Literacy, to help prospective volunteers learn about all of the ways they can help neighbors who are struggling to read, write or communicate in English.

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About Washtenaw Literacy


Washtenaw Literacy’s purpose is straightforward: we help adults change their lives through literacy. Since 1971 our organization has been devoted to helping men and women improve their reading, writing and English-as-a-Second-Language skills.

Our core programs include 1.) Skills First - skills-based tutoring based on individual goals, 2.) Education Now - tutoring towards educational attainment, and 3.) Workforce Ready - tutoring towards career readiness and success in the work place. Central to all of our programs is one-toone tutoring customized to the unique needs of each learners and delivered by highly trained and supervised volunteer tutors. Over 90% of adults in our tutoring programs reach one or more of their goals. Part of this success stems from our “designer tutor” approach. We train each of our volunteer tutors to plan lessons according to the learner’s strengths, needs and goals. Adult learners in our program are motivated because they are setting, and meeting, their own standards for success.

This focus on individual goals makes our program unique in the county. Washtenaw Literacy is a critical part of our community’s educational continuum. Someday we hope to have no need for our services. Until then, we’ll support our volunteer tutors as they help low-literate men and women improve their skills and their lives.