• Communicate COVID-19 information
  • Presents the Wash - Wipe - Cover: Don’t Infect Another! Plain language curriculum
  • Session plan for virtual tutoring about COVID-19
  • Sign up for additional support on any of these topics


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  • Many resources to aid you in conducting virtual tutoring can be found here.



  • DiscordOriginally advertised as for gamers, it seems to be taking off with other internet communities. Basically, think of a chat room. Discords or group chats are geared towards individual interests.  For example, r/metal, r/cooking, or various fandom communities. This is a great way to stay connected and meet new people online who have similar interests to you! 

  • Washtenaw County Mutual Aid + Resources - This Facebook group is for people in Washtenaw County to pool resources together. If you want to get involved with helping out or you need to find places for assistance, this is the group for you!

  • Netflix Party - This is a way to link your devices so that you can watch the same show or movie at the exact same time.  For added socializing, you can facetime or call the other person while you’re both watching the movie to give the perception that you’re watching it together.

  • Instagram Campaigns/Trends - Amid the quarantine, many individuals have taken to social media to feel more connected with campaigns or add a positive post to someone’s feed with trends.  For example, “until tomorrow” is a current trend where someone posts an embarrassing picture of themselves for 24 hours; this is meant to put a smile on someone else’s face. One campaign flying around right now is “see a dog, send a dog.” This is where someone posts a picture of their dog and tags several other people to post a picture of their own dog.  It is meant to remind people that we are all connected through our pets and give us another way of continuing to communicate.

  • Online Book Clubs - These are awesome communities centered around specific books.  Some of the groups include the authors themselves who post on social media about certain aspects of the book to discuss.

  • How to be Social While Social Distancing - Great ideas for socializing with friends all while staying in the comfort of your home.  Ideas range from old fashioned letter writing right up to virtual happy hours!

  • Virtual Field Trips from Home - 

    • Virtual Museum Tours and Concerts - This is a list of 17 museums and concerts (mostly opera) around the world that have put their content online or opened some of their collections to the virtual public! For example, the Louvre has opened three virtual rooms on its website for the public to tour for free.  The Ann Arbor film festival even made the list!

    • Museums, Zoos, Theme Parks oh my! - Here is a great list of virtual tours of museums (including some kid-friendly options), zoo cams, and theme park rides!  

  • Coloring & Classes at Home -