Tutor Training


Washtenaw Literacy provides comprehensive tutor training for all of our volunteer tutors:

  • ABCs of Washtenaw Literacy - The first step to becoming a tutor is to attend a one-hour information session, the ABCs of Washtenaw Literacy. Register online or call (734) 337-3338.
  • Core Tutor Training - All personal tutors complete this 15-hour training. The training is a hybrid of the nationally recognized LITSTART training model and Proliteracy training model. Trainings are held quarterly. Open Tutoring tutors are also welcome to attend. See upcoming tutor training dates.
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Open Tutoring Training - The ESL open tutoring tutor training is two 3-hour sessions (Session one - How ESL Open Tutoring Work; Session two - Lesson Planning for ESL Open Tutoring). Click here for upcoming training dates.
  • Basic Literacy Open Tutoring Tutor Training (BL) - The BL open tutoring tutor training is one 3-hour session focused on effective tutoring strategies for BL Open Tutoring. Click here for upcoming training dates.
  •  Additional Support - We also offer many resources and online support tools under Resources for Tutors.
  • Ongoing Training - To learn more about Professional Development offered to our existing tutors, visit our Professional Development page.
Tutor Training FAQ

Can I register for training online?

No, since we ask volunteers to attend an orientation first, training registration is not online.  You may register for an ABCs of Washtenaw Literacy information session.  If you have attended an ABCs already, please call (734) 337-3338 to register for training.

What if I cannot attend every session of Core Tutor Training (training required for personal tutors)?

We do offer make-ups, if needed.  Volunteers can miss a maximum of 6 hours of training.  However, if a volunteer will miss more than 3 hours, we recommend they wait until the next training as the make-ups can not recreate the group work and learning process of the training.

Why is the training required for personal tutoring and recommended for open tutoring?

A personal tutor works one-on-one or in a small assigned cluster with learners from the first day of tutoring.  The 15-hour Core Tutor Training prepares a tutor to plan goal-oriented lessons using authentic materials.  An open tutoring tutor can apprentice with an experienced tutor.  During each open tutoring session, there are multiple tutors and a open tutoring coordinator on-site to offer support and assistance.

Is there a cost for training?

There is a $35 cost for the Core Tutor Training.  This covers the cost of the text book and coursepack that every trainee receives.  However, there are scholarships available for any attendee.  There is no charge for the open tutoring tutor training.