A Washtenaw Literacy mentor is a dedicated volunteer who has tutored for at least one year and has decided they would like to help support other tutors. There are five areas the mentors assist staff: traditional mentoring, Day 6, workshops, events, and the Community Literacy Resource Center.

Traditional Mentoring

Each new group of tutors is assigned a traditional mentor. This mentor will be available to new tutors for questions, etc. They will check in monthly in the beginning of a placement.

Module 6 - Goal Setting

The mentors plan and coordinate the optional Module 6 training. This is a time to meet the mentors and practice strategies. It is a fun, informative evening!  All tutors are welcome to attend Module 6!


These mentors coordinate and plan topic specific workshops for tutors and learners throughout the year. This includes the yearly daylong workshop called Power Tutoring.


These mentors coordinate and plan events for tutors and learners throughout the year. This includes the yearly Celebration of Learning Potluck and Tutor Socials. 


This group manages the Community Literacy Resource Center (CLRC)*. They organize, order, and manage the holdings.

*The Community Literacy Resource Center (CLRC) is accessible Monday-Friday, 9:00AM-5:00PM by keyless entry. Contact the Washtenaw Literacy office at (734) 337-3338 for entry instructions.