General Operating Impacts:
  • Washtenaw Literacy's main office, located in the Ypsilanti District Library, is closed until the end of summer
  • Washtenaw Literacy's computer lab, the Community Opportunity Center, is closed until the end of summer.
  • Washtenaw Literacy's Community Literacy Resource Center at NEW Center in Ann Arbor is closed until the end of summer.
  • Washtenaw Literacy will not receive any postal deliveries until April 30, 2020.
  • Washtenaw Literacy staff is equipped to work from home and will be working during this time.
  • Washtenaw Literacy staff phone numbers roll over incoming calls to our home devices, and voicemail messages left at those direct numbers are forwarded. 734-337-3338


As of March 13, 2020, Washtenaw Literacy has implemented Stage 3 of our COVID-19 Response protocol.  The protocol can be viewed at this link.  

This webpage is posted for a central repository for specific tutoring, event and workshop information and will be updated as often as needed to stay current.  

Relaunching of programs will be reevaluated by the end of summer in collaboration with an epidemiology team at University of Michgan.  All updates will be posted on this website. 

These programs and events are suspended through the dates listed: 

·         All Open (group) Tutoring listed on this flyer is suspended until the end of summer. 

·         All Personal (one to one or clusters) tutoring is suspended until the end of summer.  Tutors have the quickest line of communication with their learners and are expected to communicate this suspension. 

·         All meetings – Board, committee, Mentor, tutors, etc. – must be conducted telephonically or electronically.

·         The Community Opportunity Center (computer lab) will be closed until the end of summer.

·         The Community Learner Resource Center at NEW Center is closed until the end of summer.

·         LIFT (Learning Is a Family Thing) tutoring is suspended until the end of summer.  

·         Washtenaw County Jail tutoring is suspended through at least the end of summer.

·         Prep100, in cooperation with Washtenaw Community College, is suspended until September 2020.  

·         All scheduled Learning Labs are suspended until the end of summer, including Basic Math Skills, Citizenship Preparation, ESL for Women Only at Masjid Ibrahim Mosque, and the health literacy COVID-19 Learner Labs.  Online versions of COVID-19 Learning Lab will be rolling out in the next weeks as a priority.

·         All in-person Tutor training and Tutor workshops are suspended until the end of summer.  Online versions of workshops will continue rolling out in the next weeks, with the Wash-Wipe-Cover and Virtual Tutor Training workshops as a priority.

·         All in-person ABCs of Washtenaw Literacy informational sessions are suspended until the end of summer.  Online versions of informational sessions started on March 19.  Those who are interested in attending an online ABCs informational session can register at this link.

·         United Way of Washtenaw County Tax Preparation has been canceled at both the Community Opportunity Center and the Ypsilanti District Library.  Learners seeking tax assistance can call the United Way at 734-971-8200.

·         The April 19 in-person Big House 5K presented by Toyota has been canceled. 

·         The April 27 Tutor Social has been canceled.

·         The March 18 and May 6 Literacy Slam at the Circ Bar have been canceled. 

·         Celebration of Learning (March 26) is postponed and will be rescheduled in the late summer.

·         Support Literacy Now (May 28) may be rescheduled.  Updates will be posted here.


UPDATED April 21, 2020