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(April 6, 2018) – Washtenaw Literacy, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending adult illiteracy, is now taking reservations for the Support Literacy Now! luncheon scheduled for May 31 at the Morris Lawrence Building at Washtenaw Community College. Participants will hear first-hand about the impact illiteracy can have on achieving employment and life goals, and improving community and family life.

H. Luke Shaefer, Ph.D, the director of Poverty Solutions at the University of Michigan, and a co-author of $2 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America will join adult literacy learners and officials from the agency to provide a truly inspiring program.

Washtenaw Literacy Executive Director Amy Goodman points to a clear correlation between illiteracy and poverty and underscores the agency’s relevancy in addressing this critical need: “In a technology savvy county home to several universities, adult illiteracy too often goes unnoticed – but it impacts all of us. Many are surprised to learn that thousands of adults in Washtenaw County struggle with low literacy. With help from community leaders and corporations, we can change this.”

While the luncheon begins at noon, attendees are encouraged to arrive at 11:30 a.m. to network with area leaders and learn how to help end adult illiteracy. The luncheon closes with an opportunity to provide a personal pledge.

To RSVP, please call Washtenaw Literacy at (734) 337-3338 or go to


About Washtenaw Literacy

Washtenaw Literacy’s purpose is straightforward: we help adults change their lives through literacy. Since 1971 our organization has been devoted to helping men and women improve their reading, writing and English-as-a-Second-Language skills.

Our core programs include 1.) Skills First - skills-based tutoring based on individual goals, 2.) Education Now - tutoring towards educational attainment, and 3.) Workforce Ready - tutoring towards career readiness and success in the work place. Central to all of our programs is one-toone tutoring customized to the unique needs of each learners and delivered by highly trained and supervised volunteer tutors. Over 90% of adults in our tutoring programs reach one or more of their goals. Part of this success stems from our “designer tutor” approach. We train each of our volunteer tutors to plan lessons according to the learner’s strengths, needs and goals. Adult learners in our program are motivated because they are setting, and meeting, their own standards for success.

This focus on individual goals makes our program unique in the county. Washtenaw Literacy is a critical part of our community’s educational continuum. Someday we hope to have no need for our services. Until then, we’ll support our volunteer tutors as they help low-literate men and women improve their skills and their lives.