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February 15, 2010 (Ann Arbor, Mich.) – Washtenaw Literacy, a non-profit organization devoted to eradicating adult illiteracy, has partnered with three area public schools to provide tutoring services in their Adult Education classrooms.  Workforce Investment Act II funding is supporting programs at Ann Arbor Public Schools, Ypsilanti Public Schools and Milan Public Schools. 


In Ann Arbor, there are three initiatives: 1) at the University of Michigan Hospital tutors work with hospital employees to improve communication skills for their job and community goals; 2) at the Washtenaw County Jail tutors work with inmates to improve reaching skills, enabling them to enter GED classes; and 3) at Stone School, tutors work with ESL classrooms to offer on-site support to teachers.  The Ypsilanti program also offers on-site support to ESL classroom teachers, while the Milan program supports high school reading class students improve their skills.


Executive Director Amy Goodman speaks with enthusiasm about the new programs, “We are so pleased to be able to help enrich these programs.  The current funding challenges facing Michigan public schools threaten non-mandated Adult Education programs at a time when improving adult's basic skills is key to workforce transition away from a manufacturing base.  This partnership extends the reach of our partner programs, and will positively affect employment outcomes.”



To learn how you can help in the fight against illiteracy, please call Washtenaw Literacy at (734) 879-1320 or go to



About Washtenaw Literacy

Washtenaw Literacy’s purpose is straightforward: we help adults change their lives through literacy. Our organization has over 35 years experience in helping men and women improve their reading, writing and English as a second language skills.

Our core program is one-on-one tutoring. This is the approach our first volunteer tutors used in 1971. The reason we still use it today is because it works. Over 90% of adults in our one-on-one tutoring program reach one or more of their goals. Part of this success stems from our “designer tutor” approach. We train each of our volunteer tutors to plan lessons according to the learner’s strengths, needs and goals. Adult learners in our program are motivated because they are setting, and meeting, their own standards for success.

This focus on individual goals makes our program unique in the county. Washtenaw Literacy is a critical part of our community’s educational continuum. Someday we hope to have no need for our services. Until then, we’ll support our volunteer tutors as they help low-literate men and women improve their skills and their lives.